Best Chapsticks for Men

Best chapsticks for men

It is my goal to help you get healthy looking lips.

And for that you need the best chapsticks for men, right?

Well, we have taken the time to research the top skin care products and share our findings..

We’ve looked at 39 chapsticks and lip balms and covered more than 78 hours of research and testing to find the ones that give the most effective benefit, and which allows me to tell you that the Garnier Skin Active Clean and Shine Control Cleansing Gel stood out as the best chapstick for men to buy. Men across the country swear by this incredible award winning lip balm.

Top Pick

1.Intense Therapy Lip Balm by Jack Black

While there were a ton of factors that went into these rankings, there was a clear winner, and that is Intense Therapy Lip Balm by Jack Black. A fan favorite, Intense Therapy Lip Balm by Jack Black is unique because it comes in a liquid form. The liquid nature of this balm allows for it to work quickly as it absorbs into the lips and immediately works to heal the skin.

One great feature of Intense Therapy Lip Balm by Jack Black is that it comes in a variety of different fragrances and “flavors”, so regardless of what your particular tastes may be, there will probably be a fragrance you will love.

Featuring a bounty of antioxidants and conditioners, this balm will heal dry and or chapped lips, and soothes them with it’s slick texture. Unlike other balms and chapsticks, this one is liquid rather than waxy, which allows for much faster absorption and healing. The main ingredients in this lip balm are avocado oil and shea butter, which work to make this men’s lip balm incredibly soothing, softening and conditioning on the lips.

Green tea extract and vitamin E are supporting ingredients, and add a nice flavor, particularly the green tea extract, while also helping to fight against free radicals. We also loved that this fantastic top men’s lip balm also includes SPF 25 protection. Given the sun’s harmful UV rays, it is a well known fact that any care product offering protection against the sun damaging your skin is a huge benefit to that product. Natural mint is included in this balm as well to help freshen the breath of it’s users. To give some added credentials to the quality of this balm, it has won several awards, earning top marks from Allure and Esquire magazine in 2007 and 2012, respectively.

Why you should trust us

I here have a strong desire to give you great insight into the best products you can use to care for yourself. After all, I have spent time in the beauty and skincare industry writing products reviews like, face washes for oily skin and face moisturizers for dehydrated skin. Plus if you don’t care for yourself, who will?

In pursuit of this desire, we have researched some of the best chapsticks for men, and consulted with experts like Alessandra Fernandes to create these reviews and we keep up with new developments. We keep on top of news from companies like Sephora and Total Beauty who also review beauty and skincare products. Then of course, we do our own testing on ourselves and with our product testing members, who test the products for us and provide their feedback to help determine the ultimate top pick. You can apply to be a product tester here.

Our other picks

Dermatologists, on the other hand, love the Lip Repair by Aquaphor, which is unique because it has no scents or parabens. People who are sensitive or otherwise do not like fragrance with their lip balm or chapstick will love this, and you can even find it in liquid form as well for maximum effectiveness.

Famously made from all natural ingredients, Beeswax Lip Balm by Burt’s Bees has been a crowd pleasing choice ever since the brand made it’s debut in 1991. This stuff is so good, that it even received the Reader’s Choice Award in 2013 from famed beauty outlet

Organic Lip Balm by Dr. Bronner’s is made of completely organic ingredients, as certified by the USADA, utilizes essential oils in their lip balm. Dr. Bronner is very serious in his belief that what goes on your lips also gets absorbed in to the body, and this is why he uses only organic ingredients. This balm can even be used to heal tattooed skin, or to help bring the color back to life.

Nivea’s Recovery Medicated Lip Care also comes highly recommended by dermatologists and uses moisture, though not in liquid form, to lock in protection for your lips all day. This one also features SPF protection, great for those who are out in the sun all day.

How we selected

We started out by making a list of all of the best lip balm for men that were out there. Like all other skincare products, lip balms are personal to us, epecially us men. We looked at all of the top men’s lip balms for sale both on the high street and online and their ingredients. We searched for, found and read through thousands of reviews by experts and customers, read medical papers and manufacturers guidelines, so that I can give you the most helpful, insightful information on the best products in a sea of mediocre ones. After a long and incredibly challenging research and debate session, we have picked out the five best for testing based on their ability to heal lips, the overall usability, and, of course, the affordability.

How we tested

We first got to work matching the chapsticks and lip balms to a wide cross section of consumers registered as a products tester with us, in terms of age, lifestyle, skin type and what they currently used for their lips, if anything. It took a little time to get all of the participants ready for this test but we got there in the end. So with our selected our participants in place, we sent out the products so they could test them at home, and also got them ready for ourselves.

When we all had our products, the first instruction was to review the basic information for the products, such as the packaging, texture, and ingredients. Before anyone started using the chapsticks or lip balms, we first tested a patch of skin to to see if their was a negative reaction. Then everyone was onto testing, we were instructed to use the lip balms at least twice per day for the course of a week, reporting the progress of how our lips felt after 24hrs, 3 days, a week and then a final review after 2 weeks. Once we had finished testing and all of the scorecards had been reviewed we waited to find out the results of which was the best men’s chapstick.

Reviews for the Best Chapstick for Men

2. Lip Repair by Aquaphor

A huge upside with this best men’s chapstick is the fact that it comes highly recommended by dermatologists. After all, caring for skin is what dermatologists do, so of course they know what the best men’s lip balm would be. Completely devoid of fragrances and perfumes, this one is great for those who are sensitive or otherwise do not want fragrances. Shea butter and vitamins are the main ingredients in this favorite amongst top men’s lip balms, and the key ingredients work to relieve lip dryness and irritation.

The best part is that the moisture and relief truly will last all day with this great lip balm. Sold in a squeezable tube, in liquid form, this lip balm will absorb quickly and is also really simple to use and apply to the lips. Another intriguing part to this balm is that it will add a slight shine to the lips. While this does make the lips look even more healthy, it is something to take into account for those who might not want to be “showing off” that they use lip balm at all. Finally, this balm comes with a 45 degree tip, so it can also be applied just like lipstick. While most men probably do not know how to apply lipstick, this comes in handy because it really is a very simple application system.

The good
-Liquidity allows for easy absorption
-Long lasting
-Comes with a tip for easy application
-Only requires a tiny bit for ideal use

The bad
-Kind of greasy
-Makes your lips shimmer

3. Beeswax Lip Balm by Burt’s Bees

Parabens, a preservative widely used in lip balms and makeup around the world, has some safety concerns with it’s use and as a result, it has no place in this great lip balm for men from Burt’s Bees. Only natural ingredients go into this product, allowing for a product that is assured to not irritate your lips or body. Free from scents or color tinting, this is a lip balm that has been loved by customers across the country since the company made it’s debut in the early 1990s.

Beeswax and vitamin E majestically combine in this balm to moisturize the lips while also helping provide the body with powerful antioxidants. The peppermint found in this balm will also go a long way towards refreshing the lips and adding a slight tingle. Available in simple twist tube, and boasting eight different flavors and variants, this product provides a simple matte finish, and is also incredibly easy to grab and go, then use whenever needed.

An enticing, emollient texture in this balm allows for incredibly easy application and makes sure it slides across the lips. With a very lightweight feel, it can even be pretty easy to forget you even put this balm on in the first place. However, given the long lasting nature of this product, you thankfully will not have to worry about reapplication throughout the day. Just one application in the morning will do for the whole day. It is well known that this balm effectively heals lips and does not just “put a band-aid” on the problem.

The good
-Just like all Burt’s Bees products, 100% all natural.
-Eight different flavors offer something for everyone
-Firm texture of the balm itself means it will not melt in your car or pocket
-Easy to grab, go, and store for later

The bad
-Peppermint oil tingle may be unpleasant for some
-May not work as well for every user
-Leaves lips with a waxy feel

4. Dr. Bonner’s Organic Lip Balm

Boasting an impressive four different varieties, all stand out as best men’s chapsticks, the USADA has certified all the ingredients in this fabulous product as organic. No dangerous materials will get on to your lips with this one, and it can even double as a moisturizer for any other part of the body as well. Primary ingredients in this balm include jojoba oil, hemp, beeswax, and avocado, and all of these come together to ensure a perfect moisturizing experience for your skin, from lips to anywhere else you may want to apply. Only the best essential oils are used in this product. The four different flavors include ginger, citrus, peppermint and plain.

Given this wide variety of scents and flavors, surely anyone can find a type of this balm that they would like to use. This balm is also a great choice for those who might need extra protection and repair for their skin on their body, as it can be used anywhere. Finally, Dr. Bronner’s clearly cares about being a good member of the global community, as all of their balms are not only organic but also certified fair trade, to make sure everyone who participated in the making of this fine product got a fair deal for their goods.

The good
-Organic and all natural
-Can be used everywhere, not just on the lips
-Long lasting
-Fair trade certified ingredients

The bad
-Seems like it is only sold in small amounts
-No SPF protection
-Can feel a little heavy on the skin

5. Nivea Recovery Medicated Lip Care

Rounding out our ranking of the top men’s lip balms is Recovery Medicated Lip Care by Nivea. Another lip balm often recommended by dermatologists, this balm is safe for sensitive skin and even features SPF 15 protection to keep lips from cracking and chapping later on. Given that Shea butter and essential oils are the top ingredients, it should come as no surprise that this balm locks in moisture and protects all day to keep your lips hydrated. The texture of this balm is airy and light, while feeling slightly watery once applied to the lips.

This balm, as some of the others on this list also have, comes in a tube that makes it easy to grab, go, and store wherever for the times you need it most. Another factor that stood out for this balm was the fact that it moisturizes the lips almost instantly. This product is even superior to other, often times more expensive, lip butters in terms of it’s moisturizing ability. Even once you wipe some of it off, the product will remain and protect your lips.

For men, another feature that will be much appreciated is the fact that this balm will not leave a sheen to your lips. Very few, if any, men want to ostentatiously advertise the fact that they’re slathering their lips in oil, so you can feel safe with this one knowing that will never be the case.

The good
-Smooth application, and will not leave oil stains behind on your lips
-Feels lightweight and airy
-Will help fix chapped lips
-Features SPF Protection

The bad
-Tubes it comes in are small
-Contains menthol; not everyone will like the tingle that comes with that
-Requires the most reapplications of any of the balms tested.


So, there you have it, the top five best male lip balm’s on the market. From liquid form to wax in a tube, we have covered some extremely unique men’s chapsticks in this article and were not disappointed with any of them to be frank. While we have done a lot of research and testing for these rankings, and put them in the order we clearly think is the best, feel free to go out and do your own research. While we have ranked these in order of how highly we rate them, you really can not go wrong with any of the five listed lip balms and we encourage readers to try all of them and figure out which one is best for you.

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