Best Champagne Glasses & Flutes for Celebrations

Lenox True Love Glass Flute

When it comes to celebrating you want to have the best champagne glasses available.

After all you are celebrating and nothing makes champagne look more glamorous then a sexy glass.

There are so many different options to choose from but when it comes to getting a classy and elegant glass to pour your celebratory drink into, you want nothing but the best.

Whether you are celebrating with your spouse or a room full of people you want to be able to serve your champagne in something that speaks of elegance and grace.

Or at the very least a glass that will elicit a gasp or two.

When it comes time to clink that glass and bring on the celebration you want the vessel holding that champagne to be just as classy as you are.

Below are 10 glasses that will be sure to make you gasp.

Top Picks:

Schott Zwiesel Crystal Champagne Flutes

$83 for six
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You are probably familiar with these flutes as they are fairly common but still have a flair of glamour wherever you see them. They are also very affordable for a set of four glasses. These are the kind of glasses that you can imagine being at an extravagant cocktail or christmas party. The crystal pattern speaks of an era from long ago.

Sagaform Club Champagne Glasses

$23 for two
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This set of two champagne glasses are a truly unique look for someone that wants a little bit of mystery. It’s not every day that you see such a bold splash of color with champagne glasses but this gorgeous pair is not making any apologies. They sparkle and gleam as you hold them and these are no lightweight glasses. There are no worries about spilling this champagne. The best part of these glasses is the color shines through the champagne giving it some added elegance.

Kate Spade Darling Point Crystal Champagne Glasses

$99 for two
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These designer champagne glasses are a bit pricey but they are so elegant and chic. The glasses come in a set of two and are very Gatsby-esque. This could be the glasses you use on your honeymoon or to celebrate your anniversary. Either way these adorable champagne glasses are perfect for any event. They have a small Mr. and Mrs. etched into each glass that will make you remember the love between the two of you forever.

Lenox True Love Glass Flute

$21 for 2
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These unique champagne glasses are really tall. It shows off the classiness of the champagne as it sparkles through the glass. It draws the eye immediately to it so these are the glasses that will be the talk of your party. They are small enough to fit comfortably in your hand and stylish enough to make you proud to hold it.

Libbey Embassy 6-Ounce Flute Champagne Glass

$39 for 12
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These bold gold glasses will bring some pizzazz to any party that you have. They are bold and demand a commanding audience. These are not the kind of glasses that you hide away in your cupboard. These glasses demand to be seen. If you are looking to really celebrate then these are the glasses for you.

Riedel Ouverture Champagne Glass Set

$20 for 2
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If you are looking for the classic set of champagne glasses, then look no further then this top value deal. Two glasses for $20 is an incredible price to celebrate with your friends. There are no added frills to these glasses but they are no less elegant. They are sturdy and will give you the good value for money.

Luigi Bormioli Romantica Champagne Glasses

$32 for two
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This might look like a flimsy glass but it’s anything but that. This glass is so sturdy that it’s even dishwasher safe. The design though is the best part, it looks unique and so delicate that you won’t be able to resist pouring a glass and carrying it around with you all night.

Mikasa “Olympus” Flute

$32 each
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This stunning criss-cross flute would be the perfect addition to any celebration. It’s a timeless and classic design that never gets old. Sipping on your champagne from this glass with surely make you feel like the belle of the ball.

Bella Vino Champagne Flutes

$20 for two
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These fantastic glasses give champagne drinking a whole new look. They have a cool design that isn’t about fuss but still manages to be posh. These glasses mean business and don’t mind being simple. The design is brilliant as it offers a sturdy glass that won’t be easy to knock over or break. If you are looking for a modern champagne glass, then these are the ones for you. They are pricey if you have a large party, but for a small special gathering they are just great.

Gift Boutique Gold/ Diamond Champagne Flutes

$26 for two
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This unique design gives you a breathtaking champagne glass. It’s tall but solid and there is not delicate stem to accidentally break off. It’s reminiscent of the beer glass but so much more elegant in design. The glass is thick so it won’t be easy to break but your champagne will still look beautiful inside it. If you are looking for something different then this is the glass for you. Both men and women will love the design and won’t mind drinking out of it.