Best Camping Stoves To Have Great Outdoor Meals

best camping stove reviews

Using camping stoves has never been easier than it is these days.

Every week brands advertise that the best camping stoves are theirs and have the most amazing features.

We have researched and tested the best camping stoves so you don’t have to.

We’ve looked at 29 camping stoves and racked up over 80 hours of research and testing to create this review which leads us to recommend that the Grill And Stove By Coleman Signature is the best camping stove for most people. This is a straightforward and rugged stove that cooks quickly and evenly. It’s a 50-year-old classic for a good reason.

Top Pick:

Grill And Stove By Coleman Signature

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Grill And Stove By Coleman Signature
  • Performance
  • Wind Resistance
  • Settings/Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability


People will find this stove great when it comes to cooking both meats and vegetables. The burner, which is on the left part of the stove, is full of power and heats items up instantly. It is also easy to work when it comes to lowing the power or putting forth more heat. The right part is the grill, and it comes with a durable dripping pan. Both are easy to clean, as well as the stainless steel oven itself. It is not the fastest of our finalists but it still boiled water fast at 4 cups in 3 minutes on full, quicker than all but one of our finalists. This model does not have a ignitor, the little red button that appears on most stoves—so you’ll have to bring a lighter. Let’s face it they always break on camping stoves anyway. It is gentle enough to cook golden pancakes or a breakfast when on a low light. It comes with a single 16.4-ounce propane tank which lasts for over 60 minutes on full, and has the lowest number of parts for easy maintenance.

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Why our reviews are trustworthy

We have covered camping stoves at for a long time now, logging days of research and testing in that time. We’ve looked nearly a hundred camping stoves over the years of all types and consulted experts (see the end) to create this review each year.

We keep up with the latest information from other outdoor and camping product companies and websites that also test or review these products, such as, OutdoorGearLab, Amazon and Good Housekeeping.

Then we do our own testing of camping stoves and find out precisely what our specialists outdoor panelists have to say about them after they have product tested them outdoors. This activity is completed with our own consumer product testers, who provide their feedback through our product testing panels.

This review covers the best camping stoves on the market before and since the last time we created this guide. We’ve covered this category extensively.

Who should get this product?

The most compelling reason to buy a camping stove is for overnight trips where you use your car as a base, these are not for specialty hiking expeditions. These two-burner camp stoves are essential for any camping trip or recreational areas.  They are able to cook meals for groups of 4-6 with or more with ease. Simple to set up and carry, they’re designed to be packed in the boot or trunk of your car or SUV then pulled out after a long drive, and set up to cook dinner or make a hot coffee without any fuss. The best camping stoves will do that every time and make a tired and hungry family a happy one.

How we began the test selection process

We started by making a list of all of the best camping stoves that we could find for sale in online and in store. We listed 29 models in the original selection process for this category. We wanted to find camping stoves that were easy to use, had a simple design and were rugged enough for camping for the price, consistently providing a hot meal or drink at the drop of a hat with or without a guard in place.

How we tested them

We matched the stoves to a cross section of our consumer panelists, in terms of age, lifestyle and how much they liked the outdoors and then sent the products out for them to test at home, and also got them ready for our in-house panelists (including us).  Once everyone had their products to test, each panelist started by completing the basic statistics for the camping stoves, such as the pack size, packaging, weight, measurements and how may BTU’s of heat they produced.

The final selection of 10 we chose were tested by taking them to the outdoors and firstly measuring how many cups of tea could the camping stoves boil in 3 minutes.  From this we found that they could all boil four cups in around that time, so not much difference. Next up was flame consistency in the wind.

Then we set about cooking a full English breakfast of sausages, bacon, eggs, hash browns and beans. This time what we found was that most of the stoves struggled to maintain a small and steady flame.  Our top pick stood out as being the best at providing different sized flames on a consistent basis even in the wind.

Lastly we tested for ruggedness to see which of our finalists stood up to the rigors of camping. By a taking the stoves out on various camping and recreational days out that we all had planned over the course of a few summer months to test other products such as hydration packs, hiking boots, chapsticks for men and snowboard boots.

Each time, the camp stoves were packed in their original boxes and placed in the trunk of our cars. Then carried up to the camping or cooking spot where they were needed.  Some came out of that trial more or less completely broken with a lock that refused to close properly and at least one burner broken beyond repair. It’s a simple test, but the rough rides in the back of a car trunk revealed weaknesses in designs that we saw replicated in stoves we tested.

Other Top Picks:


[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”500″ identifier=”B01M26RL4M” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”77033-20″ width=”500″]

Camp Chef Everest High Output Two-Burner Stove

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This stove operates with two small propane tanks. For long days in the park or family reunions, this stove can also be connected to a traditional propane tank. Man people love this stove because it is designed to keep the flame in place at all times. Regardless of how windy it may be, you do not have to worry about flames blowing around and something getting caught on fire. There is truly no price when it comes to safety.

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Camp Chef Mountain Two-Burner Stove

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The knobs on this stove are large, so it will feel like you are in the privacy of your own home. The cast-iron burners make food cook quicker, and 20,000 BTU makes this stove a real animal. Customers love the fact that the legs on this stove are so easy to pull up and down. Despite its size, this stove is simple when it comes to moving it around. If you trust an old-time name and its reputation on product durability, there is definitely something for you in the following product.

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”342″ identifier=”B001ABK3IC” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”77033-20″ width=”500″]

Stansport Two-Burner Stove

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Most people are surprised to know that this stove will work better that the stove in their home. Moreover, there is no need for a match or the like when using this stove. In less than five minutes, your food will be already sizzling. The durable windshields are a great feature of this stove. You can play with your family without worrying about everything catching on fire.  You might be the type of person who likes to take alone retreats to the woods or park. Or, you might need to instantly produce a dinner for one late arrival.

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”500″ identifier=”B00VTJGWNU” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”77033-20″ width=”500″]

Coleman Triton Burner Stove

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This stove is great when you need space. It can easily fit in your trunk or other area of your car without taking up much room at all. It easily turns on and off and quickly both heats up and dies down. No need to take matches with you when using this stove. It has also been created so that it can be easily cleaned in moments. At a cheap price, there is a grill that can feed an entire family at your next outdoor event.

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”500″ identifier=”B00FXM5D4S” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”77033-20″ width=”500″]

Coleman NXT Lite Propane Grill

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This stove has been used by many people at ball games and when going to the beach. With almost 200 inches of cooking space, you will find it easy to make all of your favorite foods in a timely manner. This stove is very easy to clean. It is also very easy to connect and disconnect propane. Additionally, this stove is simple to carry around. It is also built not to be awkward when packed in a vehicle.  Have room under your seat while heading on vacation? Why not place a stove under there.

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”399″ identifier=”B0051DVJ5G” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”77033-20″ width=”500″]

Texsport Rainier Two-Burner Stove

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This is a simple stove that is light to carry. It’s just over 20 inches and folds up easily. Despite its size, the two burners have a hefty BTU. There is also a three-sided windshield on this stove, too. This will prevent flames from going anywhere even on the windiest day of the year. Customers love the price of this stove and the fact that it is so easy to clean.  Some people are not in search of a stove during their vacation. Instead, they just want a modern campfire.

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”292″ identifier=”B004LWIAPA” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”77033-20″ width=”500″]

Camp Chef Ranger II Two Burner Stove

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This stove is very small and very light. It is easy to put up and simple to take down. It does not take up a lot of room and does not put anyone in danger. This is great to put a pot over or roast food over. It has strong power and fully cooks all food put before it. This stove provides an amazing performance at such a low price. People everywhere have had great success when using this stove. The intended camp stove is here, and it requires no fire from you.

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”500″ identifier=”B000F7T2MU” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”77033-20″ width=”500″]

Coleman Fold N Go 2 Burner Propane Stove

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This stove has reliable ignition within it that never failed any of us. Going further, it has almost 20,000 BTU, which means it is ready to cook a feast for days. The burners are industry standard and the windshield is extremely durable. This is definitely the stove you want if you plan on having or attending multiple outdoor events. Critiques say this is as close as it will ever get to a traditional stove. Looking for a different type of stove that will impress everyone?
[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”500″ identifier=”B019GPCYDK” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”77033-20″ width=”500″]

Jetboil Genesis Two-Burner Stove

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Don’t let this stove fool you because it’s only six pounds. It has an extremely high BTU and quality burners. It produces as much power as your stove at home. You can carry this stove in your backpack, so it’s the only one of its kind. When going hiking or anywhere else on foot, don’t eat half cooked food every again. This can easily be setup. Even better, there is no matches required.

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