Best Baby Wipe Warmers

best baby wipe warmers

If you were getting your bottom wiped up to 10 times a day, wouldn’t you want to be comfortable?

So does your baby. Check out our picks for the best baby wipe warmers.

We’ve looked at 17 wipe warmers and covered over 64 hours of research and testing to find the ones that are the most effective keeping warm and moisturized to benefit your baby’s bottom, the one that came out on top was the Munchkin Mist which stood out as the best baby wipe warmer to buy for most parents.

Top Pick

1. Munchkin Mist

I’ve had great experiences with Munchkin products in the past, which is why I wanted to see what the Munchkin mist could do this year. Let me tell you, the Munchkin Mist wipe warmer is great! It’s so good, that I kept the one I tested for myself. The Munchkin Mist will hold up to a hundred wipes, all different sizes, and it’s flip up lid guarantees your wipes will stay moist and wet!

Every time the lid is closed, the misting system will mist on to your wipes, and if you need more water to your wipes, all you have to do is press the misting button. That simple, that easy! Filling the water reservoir is simple too. You pop out the compartment from the main unit and easily fill it with water. The Munchkin Mist truly is a revolutionary product, giving your baby a warm and pleasant diaper change each time. With the heating unit you can rest assure that the wipes will stay warm and fresh each time!

Why our reviews are trustworthy

I have been a parent for a long time, with an older boy and girl and a 5 month old and I have been writing reviews on all sorts of baby products like baby bottle sterilizers and breast pumps many more besides over the years as I think it is important to impart your knowledge to help others. I have completed many weeks of research and testing of these baby wipe pads and warmers.

We’ve consulted with skincare experts, like Eleni Papakonstantinou and researched the market to create these reviews and to keep up with new developments and products before or as they happen. We keep up to date with companies like Mothercare and Mumsnet who also review baby products. Then we did our own testing on our babies and with our product testing members, who test the products for us and provide their feedback. You can apply to be a product tester here.

Who should get this

While your baby might not be debating at all about a warm wipe, parents today struggle with the idea of whether or not they should use a cold wipe or a wipe warmer. When you get up on a winter night, and sit down on a cold toilet seat, you instantly want to jump up off it because of the cool touch left by the winter draft on the porcelain. There are ways around this the next time you go to the bathroom at night, but what about your baby and its toosh?

Your baby’s body temperature is slightly higher than yours, which means that a cold wipe must feel like a glacier of ice on its behind. There are benefits of using baby wipe warmers as we are going to find out below. Other than the obvious, it feels better on the baby’s butt, wet wipe warmers do help in keeping the wipes moist. The more a wipe is moist, the better wiping it will give you. I did some research and testing to find out which baby wipe warmers on the market today are the best for your baby.

How we selected

As I said, in my experience babies tend to have a warmer temperature than adults. And it’s best for them to stay that way. Often when you change your baby’s diaper, they end up crying the second you start wiping their bottom. It makes you wonder if you hurt them somehow, doesn’t it? The reality is though, that because their skin is so warm, baby wipes at room temperature feel freezing cold on their bottom. That’s probably on of the reasons that they cry—or maybe not—but nonetheless, it’s one less reason you can give them to and it is for that exact reason that baby wet wipe warmers were invented.

We started by finding and listing all of the best baby wipe warmers that we could find online and instore. Then we started to wade through literally thousands of expert and consumer reviews, we looked at study papers and information from the manufacturers. We listed 17 this year alone. Baby wipe warmers were invented to hold baby wipes and keep them moist and warm. Your wipes should be kept clean and intact without you having to worry about tearing covers and the wet wipes getting dry. Even though wipes come in their own dispensers, they lack the ability to keep the wet wipes warm. Another thing that is missing in basic wipe dispensers—even though they cost much less than wet wipe warmers—is its ability to protect those wipes from contamination from molds, bacteria and virusus. So they are great to have around and you will surely love and enjoy them as will your baby.

In the end, after applying the criteria above and having read through all of the information we had amassed, we were able to get the list down to the 8 wipe warmers we selected to be tested.

How we tested

We selected a cross section of consumers from our consumer researchers, in terms of their lifestyle and the age and sex of theie baby. Once we had got the products together with their lists of recipients, which took a few days, we sent out the products for them to test for us with their babies at home, and also got them ready for ourselves to test including for me to test with my little one. The first instructions were to note down the basic information, such as the product packaging, pack size, texture and ease of use.

The instructions were simple, use the baby wipe warmers and monitor how they performed over the course of a week, then giving a final score at the end of the second week. So, with our wipe warmers in hand, we incorporated them into our babies routines and monitored our babies reactions and scored them accordingly. In house, we devised a few more tests to see if we could acertain a difference between them more scientifically.

We tested the wipes to ensure they came out easily and for warmth and moisture at irregular intervals over a 96 hr period to replicate a ‘normal’ babies changing routine (yes, I had to get up in the middle of the night for three days…aghh!) using a thermometer app and Phone Works moisture meter app. We also tested the durability of the boxes and lids to ensure they lasted and were safe. Once we had finished testing, we submitted our scorecards so they could be reviewed and we could find out which was the best baby wet wipe warmer. I know I had my favorite by the end! So which are the best you ask? Well, here’s the review to help you decide for your baby and yourself!

Other top picks

2. Prince Lionheart Premium

This Prince Lionheart product is similar to the one above, but it is more affordable for parents whose budget is a concern. However, it doesn’t have as impressive of features and is less luxurious. The difference between the two Prince Lionheart warmers, is that this product, the Premium, doesn’t have an easy button that you can push for extra moisture. It also lacks a water reservoir. Keeping the Lionheart Premium plugged in, so it will function, the Premium uses a pad at the bottom of the unit, that has a specifically three part heating system, that will heat your wipes evenly. No cold spots, which is a plus! Yes, it does have the EPA approved, Anti-bacterial additive, that will help prevent micro-organisms from growing and mildew from occurring. It heats both pop up and regular wipes, giving you versatility and option. The one thing I really enjoyed about this unit, is the built-in night light, that you can use during the night to change your baby’s diaper. It’s a lot more soothing than having to turn on your bright lights, which helps wake your baby.


EPA approved Anti-bacterial additive, prevents micro-organism growth

Built in night light enables easy diaper changing at night.

Heats both pop up and regular wipes

Same size as Lionheart Ultimate

Affordable option to Lionheart Ultimate

3. Hiccapop Wipe Warmer

This wipe warmer is one of the most popular choices for mothers out there. Selling over a million units, you can say goodnight and good bye to cold, miserable diaper changes.

Keeping your baby’s bottom toasty and moist, this top heated design promises to give your baby a cleaner, safer, healthier, and warmer wipe each time. It has a unique silicone seal which keeps the moisture locked in.

It has an impressive storage basin, that will keep a weeks worth of your baby wipes, which is convenient for mother’s with busy schedules.

Hiccapop Wipe Warmer has a built in changing life, which gives you visibility during night changes. It automatically shuts of in ten minutes, giving you plenty of time to see before putting your baby back in the crib. Hiccapop uses a UL Listed Transformer, which ensures your baby is safe.


Silicone design locks in moisture and heat.

Storage basin holds up to a week’s worth of wipes

Built in light gives you flexibility at night to change baby’s diaper

Popular with mothers

Prevents browning and drying

4. Lil Jumbi

Lil Jumbi offers a comfortable and happy diaper changing experience each time. Lil Jumbi’s soothing warming application keeps wipes warm and moist, holding up to a 100 wipes, inside it’s large chamber. This unit runs on the low voltage, so you don’t have to worry about a freak incident, and can be assured your baby is safe. Mothers can run this all day, and step out for a few hours hassle and worry free. It is a top down warmer that will prevent browning and dryness to your wipes. Most mothers enjoy this device, because they feel the subtle heat keeps wipes the freshest. The Lil Jumbi does have two heating settings, which gives you more control over the heat output for your baby.


Two heating applications, keeps your baby warm and happy

Low voltage, worry free experience.

Wipe Dispenser chamber holds up to 80 wipes

Viewing window for quick counting on your wipes

Prevents browning and retains moisture

5. OXO Wipe Dispenser

Affordable and productive, after you purchase the warming accessory, you can use this item for overnight warming, or unplug it and use it on the go! It dispenses your wipes very simply, with a one hand touch dispenser, so you can use your other hand for whatever purposes you need. OXO has a silicone gasket, that will ensure freshness, warm, and most importantly, moist. This dispenser has a non-slip design, so you don’t have to worry about fumbling with it, or moving around on you when you are up against the clock. Also, its weighted plate system, dispenses one wipe at a time, leaving the next wipe upright and ready to use. It has a clear window indicator that allows you to see the next time you to change. The basin holds up to a 100 wipes, and can even hold cloth wipes. Because it is small, it is perfect to place anywhere you need it, so when your baby’s toosh is in need of a change, give them a comfortable warm, fresh, and moist wipe.


Silicone gasket ensures fresh, warm, and moist wipes

Non slip design prevents unit from moving on yourself

Weighted plate dispenses one wipe at a time, leaving next upright and ready

Small and compact, perfect for on the go.

Clear window lets you know you are running low on wipes.

6. Bela Beno Multi Purpose Wipe Warmer

This multi-purpose wipe warmer and bottle warmer, is truly a must have for mother’s looking for dual purposes. It can heat your bottles, your wipes, and anything else that you want heated. It is a 2 in 1 product, that you can use at home or in the car. It is that convenient for mother’s, who are always on the go. The heat comes from the bottom and sides, helping to prevent diaper rash, while keeping your baby smooth and comfortable. A non-slip bottom feature keeps it in place, and you on time! It is small enough to fit on a changing table, or anywhere in the house or on the go! Mother’s love this because it is durable and flexible during vacations with the family. It is FDA approved, so you can feel a complete peace of mind knowing your baby is in good hands with this Tomyth wipe warmer.


FDA approved, toxic free materials.

Can be used in the car with special adapter

Can be used as a bottle warmer, even for your make up!

Non slip bottom prevents unit from moving on you.

7. Babies R Us Warmer

Babies R Us Warmer is an exclusive Toys R Us wipe warming, that makes an excellent gift to an expecting mother. You can simply add it to the gift registry, easy and hassle free. It’s completely affordable, and runs on a low voltage energy charge, that keeps mom’s feeling safe and secure. Like the warmer above, this one does have two heating systems as well, giving you more choice and your baby a pleasant changing experience. It can hold a 100 wipes, which is great for busy mom’s, and it comes with a special light for the night, that will shut off after ten minutes. If you need to know when you are running low on wipes, you can see easily how many are left with the front viewing window. This feature mom’s really do enjoy, instead of playing the old guessing game.


Special changing light sends off glow, convenient for night changing.

Two heating systems for optimal comfort

Holds up to 100 wipes

Special light shuts off after ten minutes

Great gift for baby registry

Low voltage, high on safety

8. Bundle Tumble Baby Wipe Warmer

The Bundle Tumble Wipe Warmer doesn’t use the moisture pads, like other baby wipe warmers. This can be a good thing, if you don’t like the expense of moisture pads. This wipe warmer  is on the smaller size, but can still hold up to a 100 wipes. It does keep your wipes toasty and warm, prevents browning just the same as the other warmers, and this warmer heats the wipes from the top, which makes it quicker to warm. The complaint of this unit is that in the middle, wipes can be slightly squishy and cold at times, because it is heated from the top and not the bottom. If you prefer bottom heating units, you may not like this one.If you don’t mind, you will be pleased to know, that this has a sleek design is great to look at.


Top heated wipe warmer

Impressive design

Prevents wipes from drying out


How does a wipe warmer work

Using a wipe warmer doesn’t have to be hard. As a matter of fact, I am going to make it easy for you with this five step, “anyone-can-do-it” process!

1: Plug it in: Wipe warmers are electric, so yes, you do have to plug in the device for it to heat up.
2: Check the Pillow: The pillow looks like a sponge, and this is what helps your wipes stay clean, moist, and clean.
3: Fill: Grab the desired amount of wipes you need and fill it up!
4: Close top: Once you close the top lid, you will be able to gently pull the wipes through the opening of the dispenser. These lids should always be closed tightly.
5: Press the warmer button: After everything is clear, your compartment is full, your lid is shut tight, you push the warming button and wait a short amount of time for it to work its magic.

And there you have it! Some mother’s may complain that this is a gimmick and not needed. But as a mother, who has used this, I can tell you, that it isn’t a gimmick, but a luxury for you and your baby. Why wipe a baby with a cold wipe, when you can nurture him/her with a warm and healthier wipe?

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