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Let’s start the Behmore Brewer coffee maker review.

Many coffee makers give you the option of programming, claiming to provide the benefit of fresh brewed coffee right as you wake up.

As enticing as that sounds, this requires you to remember to fill it with water and grinds the night before.

Behmor has introduced a new truly convenient coffee maker that gives you the power to brew the perfect cup of joe from the comfort of your bed.

Using your smart phone, you can control every detail to ensure you wake up to the perfect brew made just the way you like it. The Behmor Brewer gives you total control of everything from water temperature to personal time so that you can wake up to coffee customized to your taste.

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Easy to use

Specialized settings like pre- soak timer

Unique control of brewing experience

Customized brew


No pre- set programming

Brew by pot, not single up

Longer brew time


Unique design

The Behmer Brewer stand apart from the other best coffee makers with a futuristic design even NASA would be proud of. At 16 inches tall, a rounded top sits on three legs. The plastic and stainless steel carafe sits on a round stainless base. A single button surrounded by LED color changing lights creates of an undisturbed design that would look good in any kitchen space.

Getting started

Launching the Behmer is a simple and strait forward process. start by downloading the app which is available for IOS and android on to your smartphone. It will configure your location and guide you through the process of syncing your brewer to the WiFi network.

Once the Behmor brewer is synced to wifi, it will be ready to calibrate. This should take between 5 to 10 minutes. Next it will run through a cleaning process, then you’re all set for your first cup of java. If you’re looking for an instant, no fuss caffeine fix, you can simply press the tart button and the Behmor will get going from its default setting. It will brew with 200 degree water and 45 second presoak for up to eight cups.

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Unlimited possibilities all in one app

For a more customized brew, turn to the app for a cup of joe made just the way you like it. A simple interface lets you control all the minor details that go into making your morning fix something extraordinary. All of the functionality and ingenuity behind the Behmor Brewer happens in the app. Keeping a control screen off the machine itself not only adds to the aesthetic, but allows the master minds behind this unique coffee maker to make updates and improvements without bothering with outdated software.


It all starts with the push of a button

One of the unique aspects of the Behmor app, is that it allows you to be as simplistic or technical as you want. For a straight forward and down to business approach, press brew and choose the number of cups you want, weather you want packaged or fresh grinds, and the level of roast (dark, medium, light). Once that is all set you can choose to brew now or delay your brew. The app will then guide you through as the Behmor grows through the process of heating, soaking, and extracting a piping hot cup of coffee.

For a more inclusive approach to coffee brewing, try all the specifications the app has to offer. If you are the [easyazon_image align=”right” height=”500″ identifier=”B015PE66T4″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”77033-20″ width=”500″]customer at the corner coffee shop, constantly asking for more details about how they brew their in house cup, then the Brehmor is all about you. It allows you to control very thing that goes into your coffee literally from the palm of your hand! Opt for the “craft” menu on the app and you will have the power to control temperature and presoak for the perfect cup. One of the best things about this is that you can experiment with different electric burr coffee grinders to get the right grind and brands, and what settings to use to get the best result.

Behmor Brewer is currently working to give bean makers as much control as they give drinkers. They are hoping to give consumers the option to brew a cup the way the makers intended it to be. Soon enough you will be able to select practically any brand of coffee, and the Behmor Brewer coffee maker will make it to the specifications of the masters themselves.

Behmor Brewer Coffee Maker
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  • Ease of Use
  • Durability


Regardless of whether or not you’re a stickler for habit when it comes to how your coffee is made, the Behmor Brewer makes an amazing cup of coffee at the push of a button. However if you don’t see yourself utilizing the customization options in the app all that much, then maybe $235 is a little steep for your purposes. However if you consider yourself somewhat of a java nerd, then this coffee maker lets you geek out to your caffeinated heart’s content.
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