21 Ulta Shopping Tips You Will Be Amazed You Didn’t Know

ulta store front

Love beauty products? Then you probably love Ulta. From the UltamateRewards Program to super Ulta shopping hacks, these ultra Ulta savings tips will help you squeeze the most out of your beauty budget. Here are 21 Ulta shopping hacks that will help you save money.

1) Join the UltamateRewards Program

Ulta-Rewards Program


Each time you purchase at Ulta, you earn points toward UltamateRewards, and points equal free stuff. You can cash these in on all kinds of products, so don’t miss out on this easy way to get more from Ulta. This should be your first step when you shop at Ulta!



2) Opt-in to their emails

Ultamate rewards email


Seriously, don’t opt-out of their emails. They send tons of coupons that can be used in-store or online. Once you’re in the Ultamate Rewards Program, you can start receiving coupons for up to $15 off products and even free shipping on your online orders.


3) Refer your friends.

Invite Your Friends


Share the love – get your friends to join Ultamate Rewards too! They will benefit from this great Ulta shopping hack and you get a $10 coupon when they spend their first $30. You can stack this offer with other coupons for the best discounts.




4) Combine coupons for super savings

Stacked coupons


Speaking of stacking coupons…did you know you can combine manufacturer coupons with Ulta coupons and double your savings? BOGOs and drugstore brands are especially hot items for stacking coupons from makeup manufacturers, so keep your coupons handy and shop smartly.




5) Drugstore vs. Prestige



Ulta sells two kinds of makeup: your drugstore brands and your prestige brands. Drugstore brands are things you would also find at CVS, Riteaid, or other drugstore chains. We’re talking about Covergirl, Maybelline, and similar brands. They are GREAT brands, but Ulta also sells “prestige” brands like Urban Decay, Too Faced, and MAC. These are the high-end brand that cost more.




6) Get the best deals by visiting the store yourself

ulta store front


Shopping online is convenient, which is why we all love it so much! However, in the Ulta world, you can get ultra savings by shopping in-store. In the store, you can stack manufacturer coupons (but not online) and take advantage of other in-store sales. Keep an eye out for red stickers that signify big markdowns, up to 75% off!




7) Download the app

ulta app



Ulta coupons are available in the app to carry with you whenever you visit the store. Ever get to the register and realize you forgot that awesome coupon? Never again. The store employees are fantastic about making sure that you get the most out of your coupons and are super friendly toward phone coupons. Get the app!






8) Get the luxury brands cheap

luxury makeup brands


Here’s one of our favorite Ulta shopping tip. If you’ve done all of the above, you should be swimming in Ulta coupons. Occasionally they send 20% off coupons for prestige brands like Too Faced and Tarte. You can use these coupons to get deep discounts on the top shelf makeup brands.





9) Double up on those prestige coupons

ulta prestige coupon


This is one of the best-kept secrets: You can use your 20% off prestige coupons twice. There are separate codes for online coupons vs. store coupons, so use one of each. Enjoy a trip to the Ulta store and have another luxury brand delivered to your house.





10) Buy and get free gifts

ulta free gifts

When you spend a certain amount of money, Ulta gives you FREE gifts. These are available in-store, but there are even more online. Search for “gift with purchase” to see all your options. Some of these deals are “free with any purchase” deals, while others require that you spend a specific dollar amount.





11) Get cozy with clearance

ulta clearance sale


Browsing the clearance racks can score you up to 50% off all kinds of beauty items. Check these every time you go into the store. Bonus hack: Check with a store employee to find out when their next inventory is. Ulta discounts the most products at inventory time.



12) Get amazing holiday deals

ulta holiday deals


While you’re doing your gift shopping for your friends and family during the holidays, hop online or drive down to Ulta and shop theirholiday deals. Prestige brands, in particular, produce many boxed sets of makeup for Christmas, so grab a few for your friends and a few for yourself – you deserve a present too!




13) Have a happier Hump Day

Ulta beauty break deal



Go online on Wednesdays after 8 AM PST. They do weekly “beauty break” deals for a few hours that deeply discount prestige products and can add up to huge savings for you. Give yourself your own beauty break midweek and get a few new things for your makeup collection.





14) Take advantage of BIG sales

Ulta Fall Spring Deals



Do you love spring and fall? So does Ulta. Their 21 Days of Beauty sale during these seasons offers a new sale every day for 21 days! Most of the sale items are 50% off and there is a one-day sale with a deeply discounted featured item. You can find out the next 21 Days of Beauty dates on the Ulta website.





15) Curb your impulses

Ulta impulse buys


We all impulse buy from time-to-time. Sometimes there’s just that perfect eyeshadow or shade of lipgloss that becomes a need instead of a want. We get it. But try to hold off because free shipping comes around on Ulta’s online store a lot. The minimum purchase amount is usually $50, but with prestige brand, that adds up quickly. Bonus: Look for prestige brands that offer free shipping on individual items!


16) Within 60 days of purchase

ulta returns policy


Ulta lets you return ANY item – used or not. As long as 80% of the product is left, you can take it back and get a full refund. This is perfect because you can try a product and if the color isn’t right or you just hate the way it goes on, you aren’t committed to it. Every once in awhile, there’s a matte lipstick that just doesn’t work out, you know?

P.S. If you return something that came with a free gift, you get to keep the gift!





17) Take advantage of other apps


shopping app tips

There are lots of apps that offer cash back and other deals. For example, Ibotta, which most people think is just for groceries, often has cash back offers on Ulta products. You can combine this with coupons for some sweet deals.

Ebates is a website that also offers up to 6% cash back on Ulta products.



18) Buy discounted gift cards

discount granny


Sites like Discountgranny.com and Raise.com actually sell discounted gift cards to Ulta (and other sitres) – you can save before you even start to shop using sites like this to grab unwanted discount cards from people who don’t want them.






19) Ditch the Ulta credit card

Ditch the ulta credit card


The sign-up bonuses are tempting, but it doesn’t offer cash back rewards that are as good as other cards you can get. So I recommend you steer clear of this and use our other Ulta shopping tips instead.




20) Shop Sundays

Ulta store open sunday


Sunday is when the new sales flyer comes out and new discounts are released. Don’t bother subscribing to the flyer by mail, however…Ulta doesn’t price match. Plus and added bonus is the store is usually quiet on a Sunday.




21) Get the employee discount


For the deepest deals at Ulta, work there. Employees get 25% off products and 50% off salon services, so if you’re spending most of your money there anyway, you’ll get the best discount around. If you’re looking for a new job, look no further.




Aim for 40% off general sales and 20% off prestige products through these Ulta shopping tips. These savings tips can add up to paying less money for more in your makeup drawer. Enjoy!