Proctor Silex Cool Touch 2 Slice Toaster 22203Y


This Proctor Silex Cool Touch 2 slice toaster review tests a budget model that has no frills or special features, but promises to do the basics well and reliably.

It’s a compact 2-slice model in a simple gloss white plastic finish.

This Proctor Silex toaster will be ideal if you just want an everyday machine to deliver toast done evenly and just how you want it, without paying a premium for style or tech features.


– Consistent browning from batch to batch

– Excellent range of browning from variable settings

– Enough space for oversize slices and bagels

– Extra lift lever

– Excellent manual


– Gets very hot on top

– Stripes appear on one side of the toast


We tried various thick and thin bread products at different levels of browning, and all produced evenly browned results, so it should be easy to adjust it to get the toast just how you (and other people) like. At higher settings it produced stripes on one side of the toast more than the other, but not enough to burn. It coped well with bagels, English muffins and other thicker products.


Controls are limited to the basics: there’s a lever and rotary browning level control. There’s an LED indicator which illuminates in use, and doubles as a cancel button. If left until the end of the selected browning cycle, the unit shuts off automatically.

Ease of Cleaning

With a standard plastic exterior it’s easy to wipe the unit clean. There’s a large slide-out crumb tray underneath.

Ease of Use

The extra lift lever works well, raising English muffins and other smaller items high enough out of the toaster to grab easily. This is just as well as the top surface of the toaster can become hot to the touch in use. The side wall stay acceptably cool.


It doesn’t have a particular premium style or feel to the controls, but works smoothly and positively, so should be built to last. This 2 slice toaster withstands impacts with no particular issues.


12.1″ x 7.3″ x 9″

Shipping Weight

2.7 lbs

Warranty and Support

The manufacturer offers a one year warranty with this product.


Why Buy a Proctor Silex 2 Slice Toaster?

The primary aim you would buy a toaster for is clearly evident- bread toasting! There is so even more that you could do with a toaster these days. You can take full advantage of any dish you cook that involves the use of toast, with a toaster. In order for you to have a good 2 slice toaster, keep reading to find out the facts you need.

Many 2 slice toasters provide you with automated features so you are not compelled to adjust the toasting settings for exclusive varieties of bread. Automatic toasters nowadays, do most of the work for you and have settings for bagels and the like so they toast one side more. It’s accurate that a lot of 2 slice toasters have broader slots. The correct toaster for you will give your toast the crunch you want every morning.

The Features
The right 2 slice toaster could be the difference between burnt black toast and a fantastic toasted brown color. Pick the toaster that has shade settings from dark brown to light brown to get your toast right every time. A good deal of toasters limit the shade settings. So, bagels and artisan breads are your thing? then you honestly need to have the ability to adjust the shade settings. Take a minute to think concerning the toasters convenience before you obtain one.

Toasting functions
A good 2 slice toaster could be certainly pointless even with the proper features of you can not use them easily. Many toasters have settings as standard, like reheat, cancel or defrost. There are toasters that come with supplementary features to assist you toast the bread perfectly. You need to pick a toaster with functions that let you check in the course of toasting and add more time of it’s required.

Top toaster brands you will need to give consideration

T- Fal
This company is widely known for producing high performing and appealing toasters. There are a number of toaster types on the market-place that come from T-fal.
This company develops toasters with a straightforward design, good reliability & functionality. A lot of the best rated expense-dependable toasters that are for sale come from Cuisinart.
Well designed and functional toaster is what this company is about. There are much of the finest toasters in the industry that carry the Oster logo.
This toaster maker makes some of the highest quality & performing toasters. They make toasters with much of the finest functions & settings.

Its design
Compact 2 slice toasters are about how well your bread is toasted together with how splendid it looks. When people come to visit you don’t want to need to hide it away in the cupboard. It can be the same if you burn yourself on the sides while changing the settings or removing your toast. Good 2 slice toasters add beauty to your kitchen and have good features for usage, cleaning & storage.

The Proctor Silex 2 slice toaster is ideal for persons like me who love toast done in varying settings. I love the way the toaster defrosts & perfectly toasts the bread. You will have your defrosted bread toasted in a similar manner to unfrozen food under regular setting. There will be no burnt toast thanks to the bread settings on these toasters. Still, your fruit bread will be burnt in the event you accidentally select crumpet mode. I find it logical canceling the toasting process as the toaster comes with a look and lift option. From time to time, you will must have toast tongs within your kitchen in the event you are employing smaller bread slices & need additional lift.

Help and warranty
In case something takes place it is good to know there is a good warranty with your toaster. For your peace of mind, find toasters with longer warranty periods. Just in case you can need it, check out makers that provide support.

The facts you need before buying 
In case you are contemplating a 2 slice toaster for your kitchen, which could serve several purposes as you may wish, you need to look at a number of things. E.g., before you acquire a toaster, you ought to think about the design, the functionality, how many slots you need, do the slots have to be wide and obviously the cost.

Which is the correct toaster to order
There are electrical components like a circuit board within your toaster. So please stay away from using cleaning liquids and water. To clean your toaster, use a wet cloth on the surfaces. You can loosen stains & crumbs with granule salts. To make cleaning less complicated, a lot of toasters come with a removable crumbs tray. If not you can turn your toaster upside down to aid cleaning.