Most Dangerous Prisons In The World

Prisons are designed with a main objective of housing criminals, rehabilitate them and change their way of life. However, just like dangerous hoods in real life, there are certain prisons which are regarded as the most dangerous prisons in the world as a result of the criminal it has. In these prisons, inmates fight daily for sanity or survival making them the most violent prisons in the world. These hostile conditions are as a result of housing dangerous criminals in one prison and since they will have to thrive together, violence becomes part of their life. In addition, prison staff also contribute to violence because of the way they handle inmates and violence when it erupts.

Top 10 most dangerous prions in the world

Carandiru Penitentiary

1. Carandiru Penitentiary

This arguably the most violent and deadly prison for an inmate to serve his sentence in the world. The prison is located in Brazil, South America and it has recurrent violence incidents. In 1992, 102 inmates were shot dead in a violent incident in the prison. In addition to violence, the prison has poor health conditions with nearly 1 in every 5 inmates being diagnosed with HIV/AIDS! It is probably one of the prisons where only the strong survives.

Rikers Island Prison

2. Rikers Island Prison

This prison is located in New York and it has about 10,000 inmates. The facility has a maximum of 15,000 inmates and its well known for all kinds of violence. Rikers prison hosts 10 separate jails which hold local offenders, inmates serving one year or less or anyone waiting to be transferred. Violence involve inmates but sometimes it may involve even the prison guards with cases of rape, brutality and stabbings being common. Over the years, several reforms have helped reduce the number of stabbings from 1,000 to around 70 in a year! However, Rickers prison remains one of the strictest prisons in the world.

ADX - Florence Supermax Facility

3. ADX – Florence Supermax Facility

ADX is one of the most secure and isolating prison in the world because inmates are held in solitary confinements all year long. The prison is located in Colorado and as a result of its poor living conditions, there have been numerous lawsuits filed by inmates citing cruel actions, torture and poor living conditions.

Diyarbakir Prison

4. Diyarbakir Prison

The facility is located in Turkey and its conditions makes it one of the most violent prison in the world. The facility has been reported to incinerate children for life long sentences in the past with violence being another common occurrence. Sometimes, violence is initiated by guards rather than the inmates. In one such incident in 1996, the guards and police were involved in beating prisoners resulting to 10 prisoners dead and 23 severely injured.

La Sabaneta

5. La Sabaneta Prison

Located in Venezuela, South America, this prison is designed to house 15,000 inmates but rather it houses 25,000 inmates. For this reason, the prison is densely populate resulting to regular violence because it is understaffed. One guard in La Sabaneta prison is responsible to guard 150 inmates! In 1994, 108 inmates died as a result of a violent gun battle. In 1995, 196 prisoners were killed with about 624 wounded due to jail violence.

Bang Kwang Prison

6. Bang Kwang Prison

Bang Kwang prison is located in Bangkok, Thailand with a nickname, ‘the Bangkok Hilton’. This prison is famous for its routine torture of its inmates where they are crammed into small cells, food rationing and torture of inmates. In this prison, death row inmates are notified in about two hours that they are going to be executed! It is one of the most dangerous prisons to be in as an inmate.

Tadmor Prison

7. Tadmor Prison

The facility is located in Palmyra, Syria. It is known as one of the most oppressive prions an inmate can serve his sentence. In fact, according to Amnesty International, every aspect of the prison was designed to dehumanize its inhabitants. A well-known event took place in June 1980 where President Hafez Al-Assad survived an attack from Muslim Brotherhood. After the attack, the president orders execution of every prisoner in sight! The facility was shut down in 2001 but reopened in 2011 but still it remains brutal.

San Quentin Prison

8. San Quentin Prison

San Quentin was established in 1852 making it the oldest prison in the state of California. The prison has more than 3,000 inmates but around 700 of the inmates are awaiting execution. This makes San Quentin have the largest death row in America. It is also important to note that, even though the facility has a gas chamber, most of the executions are carried out through lethal injection. Violence among inmates is a common occurrence and it can lead to death or injured inmates and guards. One particular incident which was racially motivated occurred in February 2006 where 100 inmates were injured and 2 inmates were killed. Most death row inmates are housed in isolated cells with limited interaction to other inmates or visitors. This isolation leads to mental breakdown of inmates making San Quentin one of the most dangerous prisons in the world.

Alcatraz Island Prison

9. Alcatraz Island Prison

This prison is also known as The Rock and it’s located on Alcatraz Island off the coast of San Francisco, California. This prison is well known for its escape attempts where inmates either gets killed or seriously injured. For this reason, this prison has been shut down for many years either to be renovated or to meet standard requirements for inmates. For instance, in March 1963, the prison was shut down due to its high maintenance cost and bad reputation.

La Sante Prison

10. La Sante Prison

This prison is known for its brutality making most inmates commit suicide while serving their sentence. In 1999 alone, 124 prisoners committed suicide due to poor living conditions, violence and brutality in the prison. Due to violence, inmates are allowed only 4 hours a day out of their cells to minimize instances of violence among inmates. In this facility, inmates have a hierarchical structure which makes some inmates powerful than others with the weaker inmates being prone to poor conditions.

Prisons are used to house dangerous, violent and unpredictable people who cannot live with others. When such people live in the same place which have unfavourable conditions, they turn violent making prisons one of the most violent places. Even though there are violent prisons in the world, these 10 are the most dangerous prisons in the world.