Oster Flip Belgian Waffle Maker 3874 Review


We recommend using the recipes for waffles that comes with the appliance as they taste great.

To use the waffle maker, open the lid when the green light comes on and spoon waffle batter on all four parts of the grill.

Spread the waffle mix out evenly on the waffle grill.

Close lid and turn waffle irons over 180 degrees.

When the green light goes out, flip the waffle iron again which should turn the light back on.

When the light goes off, your waffle is done.

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Great price when compared to the costlier commercial versions

Directions are easy to follow and make cooked waffles

Flip mechanism allows waffles to be cooked evenly on both sides

Stores in small area on shelf

Handle is cool touch


Some parts are plastic and can break off with heavy use or dropping of the appliance

The waffle irons do not come out for cleaning


The waffle maker produces formed, well cooked waffles. The waffle iron can be used to make hamburger buns or falafels as well. Lights are easy to see when food is ready. The waffle irons are ceramic.

Ease of Cleaning

Wafflie irons don’t come out of the waffle maker for cleaning. Suggest letting the waffle iron cool to warm, putting a damp paper towel into the irons and letting it cool the rest of the way. Should be easy then to wipe off the two waffle irons.

oster-flip-belgian-waffle-maker-reviewEase of Use

Works like most waffle irons and is easy to use. Easy to flip when ready. Don’t forget to flip twice for each waffle. Uses 12 v outlet.


14.8 x 8 x 6.5 inches – fits easily on a table or counter top for use. Shipping weight is about 6.3 lbs.

Warranty and Support

The waffle maker comes with a limited one year warranty. Any attempt to fix the waffle can invalidate the warranty. Customer service is provided at USA : 1.800.334.0759.

Oster Flip Belgian Waffle Maker 3874
  • Performance
  • Settings/Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability


The Oster Flip Belgian Waffle Maker does a good job at making home waffles in our best waffle makers review. The flipping ability of the waffle iron allows the waffles to be evenly spread among the waffle irons and evenly heated. These waffles are good sized; one is usually enough for an adult. The waffle iron is silver and black and should blend with any kitchen. Stores well on a shelf when not in use.
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Why Buy a Oster Flip Belgian Waffle Maker?

Waffles have always been a favorite with families. Even the laziest members of the family are quick to get out of bed when they smell delicious waffles for breakfast. It is no surprise then that having a Oster Flip Belgian waffle maker is a must for pretty much anyone. Waffle makers make it easy for anyone to make, so are a great gift for anyone who enjoys making them. Sometimes it is necessary to replace a waffle maker if it comes to the end of its life. Whether you are going out to buy the best waffle maker in the market for the first time or replacing an existing one, you will notice that there are lots of different ones available.

Is It Easy To Clean

Even with the best waffle maker, it may not be an easy to clean flip Belgian waffle maker Some waffle makers are not seen until the weekend as they are difficult to keep clean. Waffle batter can get everywhere, so waffle making becomes a very messy business. If you like to have tasty waffles on a weekday morning an easy to clean waffle maker is a blessing.

Other Features

Ease of use and how consistent it is are important, but there are also additional factors to consider.

Look Out For These Things

Good waffle makers come with more settings. It is not that complicated, but there are still some features you should look for.

You Need a Light or Alarm

You need to know if the hot plates on the maker are hot so you don’t get burnt. It is also good to know exactly when your waffles are ready, so they don’t get burn while you’re not looking. An alarm or light is on most of the best waffle makers so you know when waffles are ready or the cooking plates are hot. A cool Oster Flip Belgian waffle maker will give you this information consistently. Check that the waffles are cooked to perfection and that the light or alarm is accurate. If you are in a rush in the morning you don’t want a good waffle maker to take too long to cook your waffles.

Easy To Use?

Oster Flip Belgian waffle makers are an easy product to operate. You simply add batter in between two hot cooking plates. At the end the waffle is baked. It is straight forward to make with a few options available. Depending on your preference, you will either get a round or square Oster flip waffle maker. You can change the size of your waffles by either getting a large Oster flip waffle maker or a small waffle maker. What style of waffles do you want?


Most large Oster Belgian waffle makers or small waffle makers come fully assembled right out of the box. Leaving a few that require being put together once purchased. If it does need to be assembled then you should not need to be a mechanical engineer to get it done. It’s not too test of how good you are at putting things together, it’s about getting great waffles. Find one that is easy to assemble or is already assembled in the box.

To make you choices easier we have the best Oster Flip Belgian waffle maker reviews for you. Some of the best breakfasts are made with waffles so there are a large variety of waffle makers on the market. There are 4 waffle makers, 2 waffle makers, easy to clean waffle makers or large waffle makers to choose from. Make sure you consider ease of use, budget and features and take you time in deciding which one suits you best.