Introducing a Bluetooth Speaker From Bose That Kids Build Themselves

The future lies with the children and you know they’ll choose wireless technology over outdated & cluttered wired one any day.

This was one of the motivations behind Bose Corporation when it developed and released a revolutionary product, the Speaker Cube. This flagship product is a Bluetooth Speaker which even kids can assemble on their own. The speaker originates from the kid-friendly brand BOSEbuild that will be responsible for introducing all kinds products to promote science, technology and maths among children.

The BOSEbuild Speaker Cube is a totally DIY product with well explained instructions and even an iOS-app. The nifty little speaker is developed so that kids can tweak with it and learn about the working of electromagnets and the influence they hold in technology. The core concept behind this speaker is discovery & education, right from the basics of magnets to the production of sound by the speaker.

The Head of Sales & Marketing at BOSEbuild has repeatedly stressed out the importance of STEM education. He believes that learning doesn’t entirely happen at school, but instead is promoted in the most unlikely of places like garages, backyards and kitchens. It starts from the very beginning and gives the child a solid foundation to build upon.

Once your child completely makes up the speaker, it can be connected to a smartphone for streaming. The Speaker Cube comes at a price of $149 which may be hefty but gives parents and their children an amazing opportunity to spark up interest about technology and its wonders.