Heart Shaped Waffle Iron – Chef’s Choice Waffle Pro 830


The Chef’s Choice Waffle Pro Heart Shaped Waffle Iron 830 offers an attractive contemporary design, a selection of useful settings to make the perfect waffle iron for everyone, and the promise of reliable durable service.

Let’s see how it stacks up.


Stylish black and chrome finish

Space saving upright design

Quality non stick plate surface

Cooks individual waffles


Grill plates are not removable


It passed the taste test with our panel of young waffle experts, satisfying difference between the different settings available so everyone should be able to get a waffle exactly how they like it.

When the waffles are done it cuts and separates them effectively, always the sign of a well designed and tooled appliance.


The round non stick plate makes up to five heart-shaped waffles at a time, and aside from the standard precautions with hot surfaces and liquids, is simplicity itself to use. The settings include crisp exterior with a moist interior, or uniform cooking. And there’s a speedy option when volume rather than depth of baking is required. The handle is large, tough and locks securely into place.

chefs-choice-waffle-pro-heart-shaped-waffle-iron-830-waffle-iron-reviewEase of Cleaning

An important part of the best waffle iron reviews is how easy it is to live with. The surface of the plates has an effective non-stick finish. Especially when the plates are still a little warm it can be wiped with just a paper towel or damp sponge and water. The downside is the plates cannot be removed from the iron, so just rinsing them under a running faucet is impossible.

Ease of Use

The color control dial makes easy settings that work well. The audible beep is a great help in a busy kitchen, indicating when it is hot and ready for batter, and most importantly when the waffles are cooked. Best of all is the compact storage when it’s not in use. The cord clips neatly under the base unit, then the whole waffle maker can be stored upright. It won’t clutter your counter top, so you don’t have to put it right away. But if you do it will leave some space in your cupboard.

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We didn’t encounter any sticking problems despite slight doubts if we were cleaning it thoroughly enough. Feedback and ratings seem to back this up, with happy users getting long service and no problems from their waffle irons, without no major use of oil required.


Dimensions: 10.75″ x 11.75″ x 4″
Shipping Weight: 4.9 lbs

Warranty and Support

The manufacturer offers a one year warranty.


Chef's Choice Waffle Pro Heart Shaped Waffle Iron 830
  • Performance
  • Settings/Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability


It’s easy to hand a favorable waffle iron review to the Chef’s Choice Waffle Pro. It’s quite the stylish addition to a contemporary kitchen. It’s good for romantic occasions with the heart shaped products, or as a hard working helper in a busy family kitchen where the waffles get eaten as fast as you can make them.
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Why Buy A Chef’s Choice Waffle Iron?

We all know waffles are a must have for people. The smell of waffles cooking in the morning will get even the laziest members of your family out of bed and can quickly become a family tradition. It won’t come as a surprise then that having the best waffle maker is welcome in most kitchens. Waffle makers make it easy for anyone to make, so are a great gift for anyone who enjoys making them. Sometimes even the best Chef’s Choice waffle irons stop working, so need to be replaced. Whether you are going out to buy the best waffle maker in the market for the first time or replacing an existing one, you will notice that there are lots of different ones available.

Easy to Clean

Minus points can be awarded to great waffle irons that are not easy to clean. The fact that they can be notoriously difficult to clean is why many people only bring out their waffle makers during the weekend. Waffle batter can get everywhere, so waffle making becomes a very messy business. Easy to clean waffle irons are a gift to those of us that want to make waffles during the week.

Some Other Features Needed

While a Chef’s Choice waffle iron being easy to use and consistent, you should also think about these other things.

Look Out For These Things On Your Waffle Iron

A good Chef’s Choice waffle iron will have plenty of features to entice you. It is not that complicated, but there are still some features you should look for.


If the surfaces are hot and you don’t know it could cause you to burn yourself. You should be able to know when your waffles have finished cooking so you don’t end up with burnt crisps. An alarm or light is on most of the best waffle irons so you know when waffles are ready or the cooking plates are hot. This will be consistent on the best waffle irons. You should check the alarm or light is right and that the waffles are cooked to your liking. You don’t want your waffle maker to take too long if you are in a rush most mornings.

Ease of Use

They are a simple gadget to use. You simply add batter in between two hot cooking plates. The hot surfaces then bake the batter. It is such an easy process, with a few different ways to make them. Such as the type of waffle maker, choose from either round or square waffles. The size of your waffles can be either large or small depending on whether you get a large or small waffle maker. American style or Belgian Waffles? You will also want to consider the cost.

Assembly Ease

It is true that most of the good waffle irons are bought fully assembled. Leaving a few that require being put together once purchased. In order to assemble it you should not need a college degree to get it done. The point is not to see how good you are (or not) at assembling waffle makers but to get delicious waffles. Look around to make sure you get one that is ready assembled or easy to do.

To make you choices easier we have the best waffle iron reviews for you. Waffles are some of the tastiest breakfast treats available along with a great coffee maker and, in keeping with that, you have many cool waffle irons out on the market. You can go for a flip waffle iron or a 4 waffle iron. While considering the points we have made as well as your budget, there is plenty of time to make you choice.